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New Routine Lab Testing Saves You Money!

An annual well pet veterinary house call is the most important step in keeping your pet healthy.  In order to make our annual visits even more in-depth and valuable we are adding the option of routine lab work at amazing savings.   Running blood tests or urinalysis before your animal is ill can give the veterinarian very important information on what is going on inside your dog before any symptoms begin to show.  It can also establish a baseline normal for that animal that can provide very important comparisons if the animal does fall sick. Often, this option – although seen as valuable – becomes too costly and pet parents opt not to pursue it. Now we are excited to be able to offer new options that bring the cost down to a very manageable level.


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Previously, the routine lab tests for you adult healthy dog would include a heartworm test ($28) and a stool sample to check for intestinal parasites ($18) at a minimum. There would also be a well pet examination ($30) in addition to the trip charge ($29) and any necessary vaccinations. We are now able to offer a package that greatly increases the information that is attained for the veterinarian to assess organ function, obtain cell counts, and screen for Lyme’s disease and other tick-borne illnesses at an excellent price.  For only $75.00 dollars for adult (1 – 6 yr) dogs – that’s only $16.00 more than just a heartworm test and fecal screening, we can run the following tests:

Complete Blood Count
Chemistry Testing for Organ Function
Heartworm Testing

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Lyme’s Disease Testing
Tick Borne Disease Screening
Fecal Testing with Centrifugation

For senior dogs over the age of 7 years, routine lab testing becomes even more vital.  In order to assure that they can live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible, having more information about organ function before symptoms show up can be very helpful in intervening with diet or medications to support organ function in order to stave off illness for as long as possible. For this reason, senior dogs should get a larger more in depth chemistry profile and urinalysis.  Testing for specific concerns – like testing for thyroid or heart function may be added on a case by case basis.  They are also screened for heartworm, Lyme’s and tickborne diseases.  These tests are also being extremely discounted. Previously for a heartworm test, basic bloodwork, a urinalysis, and thyroid profile you would have had to pay $275 dollars.   Now those same tests and more can be run for $149.00.  That’s a savings of over $126 dollars!!  

To help out even more, for a limited time we are offering a $5.00 discount on the well pet exam for any of our clients that choose this valuable new option.  As always, it is our goal to keep your pet “In The Pink” – healthy and happy  – and right by your side. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment or need more information.