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Welcome to In The Pink Mobile Pet Care!

We offer in home veterinary care through Dr. Karen Pidick, DVM and Dr. Jeanette Roberts, DVM.  Preventative care, pet products, examinations,prescriptions and most other veterinary care is available in the comfort of your own home.  There are many reasons that in home veterinary care is a great choice.  Whether you have a demanding work schedule, young children, numerous pets, or pets that are difficult to transport, we work with you to make your pet’s care as easy as possible.  

We strive to provide the most stress-free veterinary care as possible.   There is no need to travel with your cat crying in the carrier or fight with your dog to keep him under control in a waiting room full of other patients.  From annual vaccinations and physicals to sick pet exams, we are here to help you care for your furry family member.

Common surgeries are available with the convenience of home pick up and delivery.  We offer routine spays and neuters, declaws, and other elective surgeries.   We are not a high-volume surgery cliic where your pet is merely a number in a roster.   Your pet will receive personalized, compassionate care in the hands of experienced veterinarians and technicians.   We treat your babies like we treat our own pets – like members of our family.

Dental care is very important with our pets.   We strive to provide all the services you need to keep your healthy – including routine dental cleanings and treatments.

Due to the nature of our mobile business, we are unable to provide  urgent, emergency care or hospitalization services.